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This is a professional development workshop that seeks to provide the participants with useful knowledge required to develop effective frameworks for monitoring, evaluating, and implementing development plans, programs, budges, and projects.


5 Days


Course Objective:

o   Define Theory of Change and Critical pathway

o   Develop and design M&E framework/system for governance program.

o   Develop concise understanding of M&E concepts, principles, processes and framework for

o   Develop insight in the different stages of the evaluation process and tools/ methodologies that are most appropriate in different types of evaluations.

o   PM&E tools for enhancing the capacities of decentralization at local and national levels and for boosting accountability systems at municipal levels.

o   Identify and develop governance performance indicators

o   Understand how the log frame approach promotes evidence based on policy making


Who should attend?

The course targets Government officials and Development advisors that design, implement, and manage sector plans, programs, budgets, and projects. These include program staff who monitor and govern projects, program managers, practitioners who work in government agencies and civil society organizations, involved with M&E, as well as individuals interested in M&E.


Course content

Module1 introduction

o   Definition of Monitoring and Evaluation

o   Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation

o   Purposes of Monitoring and Evaluation

Module 2: Monitoring and evaluation

o   M&E in the policy process

o   M&E in the planning process

o   The Government-wide M&E System

o   Important institutions with a role in M&E

o   Departments at the center of government on the national

o   Department of Public Service and Administration

o   Department of Provincial and Local Government

o   Available Statistics

Module 3: Evaluation Perspectives

o   Evaluation perspective

o   The Balanced Scorecard

o   Programme performance

o   Financial & Governance

o   Human Resource Management (HRM)

o   Ethics perspective

Module 4: Values

o      Monitoring and evaluation

o      Standards of performance from values

o      Values and principles governing public administration

o      Principles expressing some dimension of public service performance

Module 5: Evaluating Programme Performance

o   Programme evaluation

o   Logic models

o   Results-Based Management

o   Theory-based evaluation

Module 6: Implementation

o   Focusing monitoring and evaluation

o   Designing monitoring frameworks

o   Framing evaluation questions

o   Examples of monitoring and evaluation of different dimensions

Training Approach

This course will be delivered by our skilled trainers who have vast knowledge and experience as expert professionals in the fields. The course is taught in English and through a mix of theory, practical activities, group discussion and case studies. Course manuals and additional training materials will be provided to the participants upon completion of the training.

Tailor-Made Course

This course can also be tailor-made to meet organization requirement. 

Training Venue

The training will be held at our Upskill Training Centre. We also offer training for a group (at a discount of 10% to 50%) at requested location all over the world. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, and buffet lunch.

Visa application, travel expenses, airport transfers, dinners, accommodation, insurance, and other personal expenses are catered by the participant


Participants will be issued with Upskill certificate upon completion of this course.


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