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Training on Project Management Professional (ExamPrep Course)

Training by  Perk Group Africa
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Project Management Professional training is fast becoming the de facto standard for evaluating Project Managers. This training aims to train managers on how to lead project teams and achieve its predetermined objectives within the constraints of budget, resources, and the schedule.

At Perk Group Africa, you can expect to learn how to manage the entire Project Management cycle i.e. from project planning, kickoff, controlling, monitoring, and ensuring successful sign-off. We offer instructor-led training that can help busy professionals learn the intricacies of this highly sought-after training.

Course Objectives

Overall objectives: To understand the various project components in detail and learn how to effectively integrate these different parts to ensure successful project outcomes

  • To acquire resource management skills
  • To learn how to apply the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • To know how to uncover the risks associated with a project
  • To demonstrate project execution and project control techniques required for project success
  • To carry out project closure activities on time and get formal sign-off on projects

Upon successful completion of this course, participants are able to:

  • Identify the key processes and requirements of project management.
  • Initiate a project.
  • Plan for time and cost.
  • Plan for project risks, communication, and change control.
  • Manage a project.
  • Execute the project closeout phase.
  • Who should attend the Project Management Professional Training Course?

Project management professional training is beneficial for the following professionals:

  • Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Project Associates
  • Project Assistants/Engineers
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Coordinators
  • Any individual aspiring to be a project manager


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Project Integration Management
  3. Project Scope Management
  4. Project Schedule Management
  5. Project Cost Management
  6. Project Quality Management
  7. Project Resource Management
  8. Project Communication Management
  9. Project Risk Management
  10. Project Procurement Management
  11. Project Stakeholder Management

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Feb 12, 2024 - Feb 16, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Mar 18, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 26, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
May 27, 2024 - May 31, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Jul 01, 2024 - Jul 05, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Aug 05, 2024 - Aug 09, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Sep 09, 2024 - Sep 13, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Oct 14, 2024 - Oct 18, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
Nov 18, 2024 - Nov 22, 2024
Weekdays 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 40
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Perk Group Africa is a capacity development, and consultancy center, a leading destination for organizations, groups, and individuals seeking to advance their skills in the many domains within our scope.

Our expertise includes Socio-economic Research, training, and consultancies on Spatial technologies, Climate change (Environmental Sustainability), Gender Inclusivity, Data Management and Statistics, Project Cycle Management, Enterprise Development, Governance, Organizational Development, and Personal Productivity.

PGA has a tradition of work excellence, we are privileged to have a pool of highly experienced and motivated consultants, all of whom are recognized as industry leaders in their respective fields.

Our aim is to ensure that our services contribute to the public good through sharing knowledge for the benefit of society.

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