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About the course

Most of the development projects are financed through grants from donors. It is the responsibility of the project management team to ensure that the limited resources are used optimally and efficiently to achieve maximum impact. This course is designed to equip the participants with best practices and essentials skills in effective grants management.

Course duration

5 Days

What you will learn

By the end of this training the participants will learn to:

  •          Handle pre-award activities that will set your program on the right track
  •          Oversee post-award start-up, operation, and closeout duties
  •          Ensure compliance with funder requirements
  •          Address the critical aspects of managing grant finances
  •          Effectively report grants management progress to stakeholders


Course Outline

Introduction to Grants Management

  •          What is grants management?
  •          Grants management and project development
  •          Key grants-related terminologies

Overview of Project Award Types

  •          Grants
  •          Contracts
  •          Cooperative Agreements
  •          Subcontracts

Types of Grants

  •          In-kind
  •          Standard
  •          Mixed

Grants Lifecycle

Pre-Award activities

o    Planning

o    Proposal Submission

  •          Award of Grant
  •          Post-Award activities

o    Implementation

o    Monitoring and Evaluation

o    Amendments

o    Reporting

o    Close out

Elements of Grants Application

  •          Grants Preparation and Planning
  •          Developing Goals, and Objectives
  •          Finalizing and Submitting Grants Application

Grants Budgeting

  •          Introduction to Grants Budgeting
  •          Grants Budget Elements
  •          Budget Development
  •          Budget Management

Accounting Essentials for Grant

  •          Accounting multiple grants/ awards
  •          Tracking of matching funds
  •          Accounting for in-kind contributions
  •          Developing account code structure


  •          Financial and procurement rules
  •          Contractual agreement
  •          Donor compliance
  •          Legislative compliance
  •          Accounting Standards and Practices
  •          Community and cultural Compliance

Contract Management

  •          Contract assessment
  •          Contract negotiation
  •          Contract management

Internal Control in Grants Management

  •          Control environment
  •          Risk assessment
  •          Control activities
  •          Information and communication
  •          Monitoring activities

Grants Reporting

  •          Financial
  •          Narrative
  •          Evaluations
  •          Amendments
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