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Everyone can draw no matter who, that’s what we believe. With the proper guidance and professional teachers, you will be able to get the hang of drawing in no time.

Our Drawing & Painting Curriculum is for 36 sessions and each session is 1 1/2 hour long. Each class is 1200shs. Book 10 classes with us and receive 10% for the next set.

What you will cover:


  • Drawing and painting stills
  • careers in drawing and painting
  • observational and drawing skills

Rendering Techniques:

  • Shading
  • Hatching & Cross hatching
  • Scribbling & Stiplling


  • Understanding the Human Anatomy Figure
  • Uses of Grid and Grid lines
  • Portrait Drawing and Rendering

Colour Theory:

  • Shades and Tints
  • Colour Scheme
  • Colour mixing and blending
  • realism painting

Forms of Art:

  • Figurative Art
  • Abstract Art
  • Art of Cubism
  • Collage / Decorative Art

Framing & Mounting:

  • Framing Techniques
  • Framing Joints


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In the year 2015 a group of 5 artists came together and saw a gap in the market. Artists did not have somewhere to nurture their talent and not many had the proper knowledge concerning their skill. There was a lot of skepticism but with the little resources they had, the 5 artists went ahead to create a space for creative’s to be able to come and grow and get nurtured and mentored in their talent. The goal was to be able to bring together creative’s from all different classes, sectors and races under one place for them to network and learn from each other as they are also mentored and taught by more experienced artistes in the field. And that was the birth of Artiv Hub.
Artiv Hub
Nairobi, Kenya
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