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Conversing in French through enjoyable discussions and lively debates is the quickest, most engaging way to become a natural French speaker.

Not available on Saturdays for this workshop? As a student of Alliance, you can visit la salle de détente (3rd floor) anytime to meet other students and practice!

Practice French in a group, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, through authentic real-life communication situations. This course is ideal for perfecting one’s spoken through discussion and debate on topical issues. It will develop oral skills and boost confidence in engaging in a wide range of subjects.

New sessions start every 4 weeks

Saturdays: 8-10am for A1 & A2 levels

Saturdays: 2-4 pm for B1, B2 & C1 levels

Weekdays: 1h 30
Wednesday or Thursday 6pm-7.30pm

External workshop within your favorite coffee-shop in Westlands !

8-hr sessions (1 month), Ksh. 3,400

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