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Premier Electric Fence Installation Practitioner-course

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Practical Electric Fencing Specialist- Training Course Introduction

Living in a region where insecurity is a challenge, most residential owner find it indispensable to have electric fence installed on their perimeter walls

There are a few obvious advantages to electric fencing as a security barrier on your perimeter walls, as it acts as:

  • A physical barrier,
  • A psychological barrier, and
  • An early warning system.

The visual appearance thereof will be a definite deterrent to a potential intruder as it will cause a delay to enter your property and also when they want to exit again.

Skills on how to install such a perimeter security enhancement are offered at our institute to give young persons an expanded skill base which can earn them more when called upon to carry out suchlike jobs.

Who is this course intended for?
  • Anyone Interested in becoming an Electric Fence Dealer
  • Installers and Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Building Contractors
  • Engineers and Consultants
  • Sales Staff of electronic security equipment[caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignleft" width="604"] A trainee learning how to install E-Fence on a model Fence at our workshop[/caption]


Practical Electric Fencing Course
Day 1:
Topics covered include:
  • Electric fencing components
  • Basic electronic and electrical theory
  • Basic electronic and electrical components and equipment
  • Basic electronic and electrical theory as applied to electric fencing
  • Installation configuration, quotation, work plans and administration
  • Completing the electric fencing system certificate of compliance

Day 2
Topics covered include;
  • Earthing systems
  • Overvoltage, electromagnetic interference and ground potential
  • Meteorology
  • Communication systems
  • Electric fence circuits, monitoring systems and electrical systems
  • Review of assignments
The Course will cover the following types of fences
  1. Free Standing Electric Fence
  2. Top Wall Electric Fences
  3. Custom Installed Electric Fence
Other areas to be covered include;
  • Electric Fence Energizer types
  • Types of Electric fence wires
  • Electric fence poles and their preparation

Special Offer

payments done between 8th 2019 to december 31st will have a discount of 5,000 thus the payment will be 10,000 for the electric fencing
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Kenvision Techniks is Kenya’s leading consultancy enterprise in business information management and media communication. Launched in the year 2004 and incorporated in 2007, Kenvision’s vision is to be a market leader in information and knowledge management and media communication facilitation

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