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Handling and Transportation of dangerous goods training.

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Dangerous goods are substances that pose a risk to people, property or the environment, due to their chemical or physical properties. They are usually classified with reference to their immediate risk. They occur in different forms and have different properties both physical and chemical.


We train on introduction to hazardous/dangerous goods for handlers of dangerous goods which covers:

  1. Identification and classification of Dangerous and Hazardous Goods
  2. Selection of handling and storage techniques
  3. Vehicle Markings
  4. Packaging
  5. Spill Prevention, controls and Counter measures
  6. Kenyan laws applicable to ADR


Feb 10, 2020 - Jun 30, 2020
No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 40
No. of Participants: 15
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Bluelight Hub services and solutions (BHS&S) is a Kenyan Registered Company that was established to address the technical scission in support services within the energy sector and other markets .We offer a wide range of support services that includes equipment rentals, safety training supply of specialized safety equipment and other logistical solutions .The expertise required and the need for a sustainable profitable business development informs our focus and unique approach  in offering reliable services and trainings that are tailored to specific customer requirements. Our attention is channeled towards offering solutions in a risk based approach while paying keen attention to the client’s demands.

 BHS&S aims at providing sustainable solutions on a global scale and be recognized as a reliable business partner in safety trainings and equipment rentals with a raison to assist our clients achieve their desired results.

Bluelight Hub Services and Solutions
Nairobi, Kenya
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