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Dear all,

RE:Website Design And Development Using Joomla CMS

FineResults Research Services would like to invite you to high impact training on Website Design And Development Using Joomla CMS to be held in Nairobi from 17th – 21st August 2020

Event information

Course Name : Website Design And Development Using Joomla CMS

Venue : FineResults Research, Nairobi, Kenya
Event Date : 17th – 21st August 2020

Course Fee : KES 65000 or USD 800

Registration : REGISTER HERE


Joomla is the world's most popular open source Content Management System for the rapid development of professional and dynamic websites. Joomla makes it easy for non-technical people to develop and maintain websites without requiring programming, HTML or CSS knowledge. You will receive the Joomla software on the course. The Joomla course is a practical hands-on course with participants developing a fully-fledged website over 2 days. Participants leave the course with the skills and knowledge to build or maintain their Joomla websites. This course assumes that participants start by having no Joomla or web design experience or knowledge. Participants must have access to a laptop which will need to be prepared before the course starts. Instructions will be provided.



5 Days



Module 1:

An Overview of Open Source Software

•        What is Open Source Software?

•        Platforms for Open Source Software

•        About Linux


Website Design Planning Steps

•        Mapping Website Goals

•        Conducting Brainstorming

•        Creating a Sitemap

•        Developing a Wireframe

•        Designing a Mockup

•        Producing Content

•        Selecting a Template

•        Building/Designing the Website

An Overview of Joomla

•        What is Joomla?

•        Features of Joomla

•        Joomla Website Examples


Setting up a Localhost

•        Understanding WampServer

•        Installing WampServer

•        Configuring the php.ini File

Installing and Configuring Joomla

•        Creating a Website Folder

•        Copying the Joomla Files

•        Configuring the Joomla Web Installer

Module 2:

The Joomla Interface

•        Understanding the Frontend and Backend of Joomla

•        Login as a Super User

•        The Joomla Control Panel

Creating Content

•        Installing the Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

•        Resetting Editor Styling

•        Changing the Default Editor to JCE

•        Uploading Images and Files Using Media Manager

•        Creating Categories

•        Creating Categorised and Uncategorised Articles

•        Inserting Images Into Articles

•        Adding the Read More Option to Articles

Article Management

•        Understanding the Importance of the Article Alias

•        Deleting an Article

•        Recovering a Deleted Article(s)

•        Filtering and Sorting Articles

•        Featuring Articles to Appear on Home Page

•        Viewing the Website Frontend

•        Hiding Certain Elements from the Article Layout

•        Changing the Layout of Featured Articles

•        Viewing the Featured Article Manager


Changing Article Backgrounds

•        Inserting a Background Image Into an Article

•        Inserting a Background Colour Into an Article

•        Removing a Background Image or Colour


Splitting Up Long Articles

•        Creating a Table of Contents

•        Inserting Sliders

•        Inserting Tabs


Module 3:

Creating Hyperlinks

•        Inserting a Hyperlink to Download PDFs

•        Inserting a Hyperlink to an Internal Web Page

•        Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website


Adding Menu Items

•        Creating a Category Blog Menu Item

•        Creating a Category List Menu Item

•        Creating a Single Article Menu Item

•        Ordering the Menu Items

Adding Contacts

Understanding and Using Module Positions

Creating Additional Menus


Module 4:

Using Templates


Adding a Header Rotator/Slider

•        Creating a Folder for the Images

•        Uploading the Images

•        Installing a Module

•        Configuring the Module


Adding Social Media Buttons

•        Installing the Modules

•        Configuring the Modules


Adding a Google Map

•        Installing and Configuring the Component

•        Obtaining the Coordinates

•        Creating a Menu Item


Backing Up Your Website

•        About Akeeba Backup


Module 5:

Making a Website Live (Demonstration)


Visiting the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED)


Steps for Registering a Domain/Web Address

•        Difference Between Registering a Domain and Hosting a Domain

•        Registering a Domain/Web Address

•        How to Transfer a Domain/Website


Requirements for Joomla Hosting

•        Different Types of Hosting

•        PHP Version Required

•        Number of Databases

•        Choice of Control Panel

•        Disk Space

•        Ideal Operating System for Hosting

NB: We are offering you a half day, fun and interactive team building event!


Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700 / +254 759 285 295 or Email: [email protected]


Payment should be transferred to FineResults Research Services Limited bank before commencement of training. Send proof of payment through the email: [email protected]

Visit our website for more details

How to participate

Individual Registration

Contact information

Email:[email protected]

TEL: +254 732 776 700 / +254 759 285 295

Website: fineresultsresearch.org/training/

Visit our face book page

Visit our linkedin page

Visit our twitter account


No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 50
No. of Participants: 50
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