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Training Course in Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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Course Description

Our ability to deal effectively with our emotions in the work place is critical to our success as managers and service providers. As the pace of the world increases and our environment makes more and more demands on our cognitive, emotional and physical resources, Emotional Intelligence is increasingly critical as a skill set. Emotional Intelligence strategies combine with native intelligence increase our ability to successfully manage the constant challenges from customers and our business associates.

Through skill building exercises, and group discussion, this one-day course will provide you with the opportunity to identify your own challenges in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships as well as overcoming resistance and negativity. Participants will explore tools, techniques, skills and perceptions to perform your role and manage your emotions with confidence and positive results.

Subject: Emotional Intelligence
Duration: 1 Day
Date: Open Course / Scheduled
Venue: Nairobi
Course Fee:$300/ Ksh.30, 000 + 16% VAT
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254 727 446 544

Who should attend?

• Board Members
• Directors
• Senior Managers
• Team Leaders
• Project Managers
• Operations Managers

Learning Objectives
• Increase deliberateness in making decision
• Temper negative responses to distressing situations
• Improve conflict and communication skills
• An understanding of the importance of using Emotional Intelligence
• The ability to create an environment for productive work relationships
• A model to guide your responses to difficult and challenging situations
• An approach for more intentional actions
• The ability to self-motivate while tempering negative responses
• Team communication skills for running effective meetings, decision-making, and creative problem-solving
• One-on-one communication skills for constructive feedback and conflict management
• The opportunity to practice applying tools and skills through individual and group exercises
• The confidence to deal with resistance and negativity
• The ability to demonstrate leadership qualities that promote trust, motivation, and commitment to results
• Skills in "outcome thinking"

Course Content


• Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Module 2:

Participant Challenges and Goals Emotional IntelligenceThe Five Competencies of Emotional Intelligence• Self-Awareness
• Self-Regulation
• Self-Motivation
• Empathy
• Effective Relationships

Module 3:

The Project Management Program Cycle• The main phases of a project
• The main processes within and between project phases
• The management cycle from a project planning viewpoint

Applying the Competencies

Choice and Control Model

Outcome Thinking

Dealing with Individual Challenges

Action Plans•Develop an Action Plan


Mar 23, 2020 - Mar 27, 2020
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