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Stakeholder Management

In the world that we are living in, being able to manage the different stakeholder groups is key to being able to sustain the business. Stakeholders have become an integral part in the operations of the business and therefore understanding the impact a business has upon different groups as well as the stakeholder’s impact upon the organisation is paramount for success. This course is therefore designed to create a greater understanding of the operations of an organisation and how to manage different stakeholder groups.

Who should attend the course

The following professionals at the workplace;

  • Program directors
  • Business stakeholders
  • Employees in management level
  • Project directors
  • Anyone who is responsible for managing the contributions of those interested in a project.

Course objectives

By the end of the course the participant should be able to;

  • Understand how to manage stakeholders effectively by following steps involved in stakeholder analysis.
  • Examine stakeholders for influence, impact and attitude
  • Understand the right negotiation techniques in different situations
  • Formulate a communication and management plan for stakeholders by removing barriers to communication.
  • Design and develop a strategy for the engagement of stakeholders
  • Lead change and build ongoing relationships with people to ensure success
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