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Change Management


Change is the only constant that we can rely on in the business world. It is critical that organizations understand change, promote change, cope with change, and value change. Change is often needed so to address problems or opportunities in any organization caused by internal or external factors. Numerous approaches and tools can be used to manage change, all of them ultimately prescribe adjustments to the processes, systems, job roles, and the organization structure.

Through a combination of theoretical concepts, case studies, and interactive exercises, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Change Management process. They will learn how to analyze and assess change impacts, develop change strategies, and engage stakeholders to successfully implement and sustain change.

Course Objectives

Through the trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with change management in order to:

  • Understand Change.
  • Describe how to implement a Change Program.
  • Identify and overcome Obstacles to Change.
  • Apply the knowledge gained, and contributing in effective change in the organization.
  • Demonstrate the impact of change in the organization.
  • Implement the requirement for a sound change process within the organization.


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Group Discounts of more than 4 participants @ USD 850
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Our expertise includes Socio-economic Research, training, and consultancies on Spatial technologies, Climate change (Environmental Sustainability), Gender Inclusivity, Data Management and Statistics, Project Cycle Management, Enterprise Development, Governance, Organizational Development, and Personal Productivity.

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